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Anyone complete Plato Physical Science?


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I'm looking for an overview type physical science for my 8th grader before he jumps into the traditional high school science progression of Bio, Chem, and Physics.


I've read lots of people taking this with the 5th or 6th graders which doesn't sound good for an 8th grader. But he has not had any "formal" science classes to date but has read the Prentice Hall Science Explorer books (4 or 5 last year) and done lots of nature based local classes.

I was hoping he could complete the Plato Physical science class in 1 semester or close to it and then do an earth science program the 2nd semester and through next summer.


Thoughts or alternatives?

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My ds used this for 8th. He really enjoyed it, as he learns well from video animations. He watched the videos, began the quizzes and if he didn't know an answer, he went back and re-watched. He learned a lot in a fairly painless way.



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My DS did all three Plato middle school sciences over the course of a year. IMO, Physical Science is the most advanced of the three, with Earth & Space being the easiest.


I think your plan would work fine. You might want to add a little extra reading or a few labs (perhaps from the free Middle School Chemistry program from ACS), but even without any supplementation, Plato would provide an easy and efficient way to cover the basics of Physical Science in a semester.



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