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What to keep, what to recycle

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I have several boxes of my dc's work, some going all the way back to kindergarten. I know most of it should just go out. No one will care what my 15yo did in 3rd grade! I know I should keep all high school tests and papers in case colleges want to see samples of work. What about middle school work for the one still in middle school? Elementary work for the one still in elementary? What do you think?

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We kept a few samples of the kids' work- stuff we knew we'd enjoy seeing someday. But very few. Like fewer than 6 things per kid!


Our two oldest entered public high school and nobody asked to see any work samples. Our two youngest started college while in high school and nobody asked for work samples. I'd probably ask around and see what the norm is in your area. Around here, nobody wants to see prior work- but I know other areas are different.


What we did keep were records from standardized tests.


I know some people who use a scanner and scan and save an electronic copy of their kids' work. Now that's an idea that I could handle since it wouldn't create clutter in my home. And if you kept up with it, the task wouldn't be overwhelmingly time consuming...and you can teach the kids to do it when they're old enough.

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