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White spots in throat -- does it generally mean strep/tonsillitis?

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Kids have had a fever for two days. This morning had a fever, then went away for one. Yesterday same for the other. Both kids have sore throats with a few white spots in it.


Can't decide if it's just a cold, or strep/tonsillitis. I always thought that white spots meant that, but the fever that's now coming and going makes me second-guess myself.



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Dd2 just recently had hand-foot-mouth disease which started with two days of high fever. Then I saw the white spots in the back of her mouth and took her to her doc. He tested for strep, but it came back negative. In the meantime she developed a whole bunch of sores on her tongue and gums plus one lone sore on one of her knees. I had assumed when I saw the spots originally that it must be strep, but apparently there can be other causes. :)


Hope your dc feel better soon!


Eta: the fever came and went for dd also.

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Ok, just so people know, if people are reading this...there's a virus going around that mimics strep throat. Dr. still took strep swabs, just in case, but believes this is what the kids have.


Is there more information than that? I think that might be what I had.

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