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DS 8 has Dyslexia. He has been seeing a therapist 3x a week for a year to get help with it and has made progress but it's slow. She uses multiple programs including lips. This is the main reason we are homeschooling. Our son does not fit in a box. So we have decided to go ahead and use Barton. While it's pricey it looks like it may indeed work wonders for him. I even learned a lot just watching the 20 minute lesson online. I think we will cut his therapy down to 1x a week and use Barton 4x per week.


So my question for those who've done it or are framiliar is should I use a seperate spelling program? I have spelling connections all printed out (1st and 2nd Grade). He has done 1st grade twice in public school. He could not spell at all this past year. The first year he did much better but he had a truly gifted teacher who knew how to help him and listened to what we said. Since we decided to homeschool his spelling is showing leaps. I think it's related to his lack of anxiety. I wasn't going to focus on spelling until his reading improved but clearly he seems to be ready for it. Should I go ahead and use Spelling connections in addition to Barton?


I appreciate any thoughts and advice.

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Barton teaches both reading and spelling. Using another program will cause confusion, imo.




And don't be afraid of what appears to be a lack of spelling in level 1 - they are learning to break words apart and re-assemble them. This is the key step that many dyslexics don't have, and what defeats traditional spelling programs for them.

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Thanks ladies! I'm ordering today and cannot wait to get started with it.


Don't get discouraged if it is very hard for your ds. We've had some tears and frustration particularly with level 1. But we are starting level 5 this week, and I'm so glad we stuck it out.


Because you can do a little bit every day, don't feel like you have to have 30 or 60 minute sessions. When we started, dd could only manage 10 minutes a day, so that's what we did. By the time we got to level 3, she could do 45-60 minutes.

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