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Reading Comprehension and Grammar Review Ideas Needed

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I've got a small issue and perhaps someone has a few ideas that I could check out. My ds, just graduated from HS is enrolled at the local CC. He had to take math and English placement tests. He did awesome on the math and placed well into the college level coursework he needed but English, ugh! Unfortunately this was probably going to happen no matter what as he has a severe hearing disability and I've been working with him all along but he probably needed another year to be on level but we decided to just let him attempt the placements and see where the chips fell. After speaking with the counselor he needs remedial reading (but only 1 class) which is fine but they are changing the whole system in January so she suggested we not enroll for this course and wait. Writing, well, he didn't place at all (missed it by 2 pts.) so he's eligible to retest when ready (and he may also be able to retest on he reading) so I want to spend the next 4/5 months remediating so he can place in the right level (or minimally just 1 level below in both). The placement tests they use is Compass and the writing portion requires the student to edit, on screen (which is part of the problem for my ds) an essay so I need something that works on editing documents (I guess) and lots of reading comp stuff. I thought about IEW Fix It but what other options? Would something from the Critical Thinking Co. work?


The best part of all this is that my ds is motivated to work hard and make the needed goals necessary to succeed so we're on the right track. There were plenty of other options to take this semester (math and IT) so he's got enough to keep him busy at CC, phew!

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