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Science of Wildfires

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Interesting post on the science of wildfires and fighting them from Steve Spangler science with very clear and concise explanations.


There's also a gut wrenching incredible time lapse video of the Waldo Canyon fire.


I was fascinated by the whole thing.



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Good article.


The clouds created by the firestorm are "pyrocumulus" clouds. That's something I didn't know until a week or two ago. And, something I never want to witness again...


The community is about the business of cleaning up and starting over. Most of the firefighters have moved to the next urgent fire.

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Thanks so much for sharing that...we live in the area...it was very scary!


The sad part was how many people made ignorant comments about how things should have been done. When there are 65mph winds??? Really??? Those blessed firefighters were lucky not to lose anyone that night.

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