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Thoughts? Simply Charlotte Mason/Truthquest/BF for High School?

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Thinking of using CM style w/SWB's History of the Medieval World as a spine with 8th and 10th grade boys for Middle Ages study. Anyone have experience or thoughts about the Simply Charlotte Mason Guide by Sonya Shafer (Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation & Epistles)? Anyone care to share thoughts about using CM with high schoolers? I've looked at Ambleside Online. Finding great books isn't the issue. Knowing what to do with the information is =) Also percolating on Truthquest and Beautiful Feet (who is revising the Senior High guide to the Middle Ages).


FWIW, we've used TOG for the last three years so this is a huge turnabout.




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Have you seen this website?


Charlotte Mason Help


She uses HEO, but has a lot of help about using CM through high school that should transfer to other sources.


I LOVE this website! I am doing a bit of a turn around myself. I have always used a mix of CM/Classical, but with my oldest two probably leaned more CM. I tended to slowly let the CM part of our school go by the wayside the last few years, and I don't believe that is a good thing. I am swinging back the other way this fall, and am using a lot of the ideas from the Charlotte Mason Help website. I am excited about starting in the fall (which hasn't been the case the last few years).

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We follow a mixture of CM and Classical with regard to our lessons. Overall, though, it might look a little eclectic...:001_smile:


I really like the books by Dorothy Mills for the Medieval and Renaissance time period and then combining them with the Portable Readers for primary sources. This worked so well this past year with my older dd. Watching TC lectures, documentaries and adding in term papers rounded out our books and made this study high school level.

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