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Homeschooling Reality TV show

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I occasionally read Penelope Trunk's blog on homeschooling. I can't seem to read her too much because some of her stuff makes me :glare: but there is some really funny stuff there.

Anyway, I haven't checked her in awhile and just saw this post she made about starring in a homeschooling reality show. What do you guys think? Good for the community?

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After reading her rant about curriculum, I am not excited about people watching this show and thinking homeschoolers are all like that....


Yeah- maybe I should have clarified a bit more. She is definitely not a classical homeschooler. She is an unschooler, which is fine, but she takes a THIS WAY or the highway mentality with everything that leaves much to be desired.


My fear is her --- ummmm abrasive demeanor might put a bad taste in people's mouths and trump her wittier side.

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