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So, how is this for low key 5th/6th grade?

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My goal for this next year is for Autumn to find joy in learning (she never complains, but school is very much a "grin and bear it" for her) AND to keep things low key for me (if you saw my other post about hating homeschooling... lol). So this is my attempt at "fun" and "rigorous", STEM focused, without overloading myself or veering away from what we already know works well for her.


Math - CLE 6 (she really does enjoy this curriculum); maybe AOPS (concerned that it is too wordy for a dyslexic reluctant reader - no matter how well she normally does in math)


Grammar - Hake 6 (not enjoyable but I haven't yet found an enjoyable SPIRAL grammar program)


History/Writing - Oak Meadow 6


Science - Oak Meadow Life Science (spine), Ellen McHenry "Cells" and "The Brain"; Dad will also be doing a year long basic physics study with her and a computer programming/basic engineering course


Logic - Logic Liftoff (she loved the first book in the series)


Religion - St. Joseph's Baltimore Catechism, Saint stories, Friendly Defenders


*supplemental first semester*

Excavating English

Eat Your Way Around the World


*supplemental second semester*

Excavating English

Mapping the World with Art


Am I missing anything? Also, I will have my son doing CHC's Little Stories for Little Folks phonics program, along with Little Folks Letter Practice and Number Practice.

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