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Winter Promise ebooks & CAW questions

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I am using the print editions of CATW. I know that Bev on the WP boards, who also moderates the Yahoo group, purchased the CATW ebooks. I purchase only exclusives from WP and this year I purchased in early spring before the change, because I wanted to use the version that used How People Live as the spine.


We just started this past week. We completed 2 days from week 1. After 2 days I am very excited about this year! However, I don't want to jump up and down too much after 2 days.


We will be choosing our own readers that will generally be tied to CATW. Although we will not be doing the weekly country reports, many of our composition assignments will be tied to CATW. We will not be using the Bible study for CATW, The Prayer & Personal Involvement Journal. Here are the rows we will be using from the IG:


Country Study

Children of Many Lands*

DK's How People Live


Cultural Study

Material World

Working Children*

Ideas for Great Experiences- These are suggestions in the IG and we will use selections from this row


Geography Study

Travel with Me! Maps & Figures*

Weekly Geography Review- These are suggestions in the IG


Cutural Gathering

Cultural Gathering- These are suggestions in the IG


Working on My Own!

Make-Your-Own World Travels Diary*

Travel with Me! Student Map*

Draw Your World*


*These are WP exclusives.


It is a pretty full geography study. I think that the amount and variety of of output is going to work for my 4th grader. It seems to be a program that does a good job at falling nicely between a program that is primarily output in the form of mapping and a program that is primarily cultural input through literature.




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I have the CAW ebooks. They are beautiful, but they are not complete. I was only sent the first four weeks. Hopefully the rest of it will be available by August.


I have them both on my PC and on my Ipad. I love them on my Ipad. I can go to the library to get extra books and videos and not have to drag a huge print IG with me.


The ebooks that go along with each country are gorgeous. Full color photos that look amazing on the Ipad.


The maps are so pretty and I'm excited to use them.


Crossing my fingers the rest of the course will be completed before I need to start our year this fall.

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