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Is anyone here in, or from Vermont?

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Dh is putting in for possible transfers some time in the next few days. We've got the stations her in Maine that we would like to try to get to. He told me this evening that I should research Vermont too.


So as part of my research I'm wondering if anyone is in or from either Swanton, Beecher Falls or Newport, Vermont.


For me not having to drive over an hour to get to a supermarket, fast food chain or Wal-mart/Target is going to be the deciding factor.



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I just loved it.


The seasons were a real shock to me. I didn't know that cold could be THAT cold. The drama of the sudden changes of seasons was really cool.


People are slow to warm up to you, but once you make a friend you are friends forever. Vermont is kind of libertarian. People believe in 'live and let live' pretty much. Hunting is very popular. The two weeks of deer season you have to stay inside and keep your dogs in. Skiing is the best in the East, but of course it is icy because that's just how the East Coast skiing is. Great hiking. No rattlesnakes in Northern Vt. Everybody used to heat with wood--don't know whether that is still true or not, though.


The original Sound of Music family settled in Stowe, and there is a really nice Austrian dessert and gift shop there where you can see how they lived in the States.


Ben and Jerry's factory is there, as are those for Cabot Cheese and Rossignal Skis. The Fall is unbelievably beautiful. Try Grade B maple syrup--it is cheaper than the tourist grades, and most people like it better in blind taste tests.


I have been to Swanton but don't remember it clearly. It was nice, but that is all I recall. Montreal is only 2 hours away. Boston is about 4 hours away. Kennebunkport is about 5-6 hours away, and it's a magical Maine town.


I loved living in Vermont.

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I don't know Beecher Falls, but I have family in Swanton & the last town I taught in was near Newport. Swanton is nice. It's located on the shore of Lake Champlain. The closest bigger shopping area would be St. Albans (about 20 minutes south on I-89). Newport is the biggest city in the Northeast Kingdom of VT. I liked Newport. It is located on the shore af a big lake as well (I forget the name of the lake, it's an Abinaki name.) If you have any questions, let me know. I grew up in Essex Jct., but we had a farm in Franklin & spent most summers there & most of my dad's family lives there.



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supermarkets & fastfood chains will be found in both Swanton & Newport. I know there's a Walmart in Williston (~1 hour south of Swanton on I-89), but I'm not sure if there's a Walmart in either Swanton or Newport. Both towns are pretty much on the Quebec border. And if you like skiing, Jay Peak is less than an hour drive from either town.



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