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Suggestions for fun/educational mp3 downloads from Amazon?

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We purchased some electronics recently that came with a large mp3 credit that will be expiring soon... anyone have any ideas on programs/educational fun programs I might find on there to use the credit it? Lower elementary age children. :)


I have Beethoven's Wig #1 and the kids like it, waffling about getting more of them after reading some of the reviews... not really sure what else is out there thought that I might be "missing out" on so thought I'd see what great ideas everyone else has!


Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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Any of the kids albums by They Might be Giants.




Also, the science song albums ("Space Songs," "Energy & Motion") by Dottie Evans and Tom Glazer are pretty fun, although not always quite accurate anymore. They were originally recorded back in like the 50s and 60s, but some of them have been rereleased on Amazon as MP3s. I have some old Real Audio versions that someone had recorded off of the original albums, and my kids used to get a kick out of them.


They Might Be Giants did an awesome (and more accurate) cover of Glazer's "Why Does the Sun Shine?" on the _Here Comes Science_ album.


Argh!!! Now I have

in my head... "The sun is a mass of incandescent gas, a gigantic nuclear furnace..."


Edited to add: I found the link to Glazer's songs, so I guess that would save anyone from buying them! They're available as downloads here.


I still totally second all the They Might Be Giants kids' songs too, though.

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