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Holt Geometry 2007

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Very seriously considering this for ds next year, but want to get the right edition and texts (e.g., ISBNs). Also, I see ones for CA, PA, and TX. Is there just a generic version?


On Amazon, I see the Student Text, a Teacher Manual, and a One-Stop Planner. I thought I saw here that if you had the planner, then the TM is not necessary. Can someone tell me exactly what each contains? Is one preferable over the other?


Also, if Amazon isn't the best source, do you have a better option? I did see that the Planner was only about $15 on a used book site versus over $100 on Amazon.


Looking forward to your advice!

Pamela F. in VA

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Get the student text-- going price for a good used (I prefer Like new) is around $50. Last year it was $70. This week Half.com had the best prices.


Get the One Stop Planner-- I would not use this program without this resource. In the case of this particular program the text is the SUPPLEMENT-- the real homework comes from the worksheets on the One Stop Planner (I usually assign the Reteach and the Practice B and then sort through the Problem Solving and Challenge and pick and choose there. I like the chapter reviews from the text. I make my own tests--but you get a nice variety of tests and format options on the One Stop Planner. OSP also has solutions to the texts problems... lots of other supplements on there too including a digital TE.


The student text will have the codes for Dr Burger's (Thinkwell) online lectures and additional practice problems (with helps).


ISBN student text: ISBN 0030358280

One Stop Planner (make sure this is the instructor's edition NOT the student one) make sure the ISBN matches perfectly! ISBN: 0030781043

Any price under $40 is great-- closer to when school starts the prices will rise!




I love the program and use it with my online classes (used 3 years so far) it is easy to tailor to individual students-- but can be a PAIN to plan because there are so many options available...

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Thanks for the great information Jann (I was hoping to hear from you!).


So am I to understand that I should use the resources from the OSP rather than the exercises that come after each lesson in the book?


I agree that with so many choices, the planning is going to be the challenging part. Ds likes things very straightforward, so is this going to be a problem if we choose Holt? I don't suppose you have lesson plans you make available...


Thanks so much!


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So I just check used prices and the $15 price for the OSP was for the student version. Thanks for the heads up that it should be for the instructor...unfortunately it is over $100 on the used site that finds the best price. Would love to know if it's less somewhere...

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