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  1. I am trying to help a parent complete a transcript for her ds. He attended a private high school here in VA, but did not pass English 11 or 12. He was not allowed to return. I tutored him in both those subjects, he passed them, and he now needs a transcript to continue at the community college. I have listed two options below but would really like your input or other ideas. 1) Present a FULL transcript with the courses and grades from the private school and my two courses. The private school courses would be identified and then it would be noted that the official transcript is requested from that school. ETA: I lean towards this option so that a cumulative gpa can be reported with the additional 2 courses. 2) Present the LIMITED transcript with my two courses only. Note that the remainder is requested from the private school. Thanks in advance for your input! Pamela F.
  2. Thanks everyone for the quick responses! They are pretty much what I advised her, but I just wanted confirmation before proceeding (just in case there was a "loophole" I didn't consider...and there's not...). Pamela
  3. I am trying to help another hs mom with the transcript and her daughter has a D from French 101 at the local CC. Since this is just an elective, is it possible just to omit it from the transcript? Also, it is possible they will hire a private tutor for French for the rest of this year. Would it be "legal" to include that course on her transcript? Along the same lines, if she withdraws from a CC course, does that have to be included on the transcript? THANKS in advance! Pamela
  4. Hello! Dropping back in after a long absence (my own have graduated)... I am tutoring a student and we are reading The Count of Monte Cristo. I am reading the unabridged version (because it is so much richer), but he is reading the Bantam Classic unabridged version. Has anyone ever matched up the chapters of these two? It would be helpful in my planning to know ahead of time. I have never read the unabridged version and don't want to "peek" ahead so I thought I'd ask here first before resorting to all night reading sessions. LOL! Thanks so much! Pamela in VA
  5. Hmmm...I'm wondering if the lack of response to my inquiry is a bad sign about this curriuclum :confused1:
  6. It's been a while since I've posted anything here since my children are both in college now (ds-junior, dd-sophomore), but this has always been my go-to forum for great advice, experience, and opinions. I will be tutoring a freshman who is supposed to be starting Algebra I with Shormann Math. His mom gave me access to the account and I have spent the last 3-4 days becoming familiar with the program. I have read the documentation of its success if the program is followed EXACTLY AS WRITTEN. I have reservations about using the program for a number of reasons and hope to get input from those here who have used it (successfully and unsuccessfully). FYI: I read the one thread already in this forum about SM and agree with all of the one extensive review that posted. Some of my reservations repeat that, but I am looking for more current input since the program was very new at the time. 1) SO MUCH information SO QUICKLY - This is my biggest problem. It's not just that it's a lot of information quickly, but it's not presented in a traditional algebra sequence. WHY trigonometry and calculus concepts when you've barely learned how to express something algebraically? I'm not totally opposed to introducing either of these in Algebra I, but it seems like there needs to be a better foundation first. (Seriously...working with imaginary numbers already? Many students have trouble in the beginning with just the abstract nature of a variable and this is asking them to understand the abstract of an abstract?) 2) Not enough PRACTICE - I get that this is a spiral program and new concepts will be practiced daily, but I'm not convinced there's enough practice of new concepts. I prefer programs where the bulk of practice is the new concept and there are just a few review problems. Also, new concept problems build on old concepts and you are practicing them inherently. 3) New concepts and their examples often skip steps and/or the reasoning for steps. OR he will say, "You should remember how to do this from Example X" but not repeat what it is. I get that you can go back to that example in the video or the notes, but realistically only the most disciplined student is going to do that. I believe they need to see and hear the repetition from the teacher. 4) In a similar way, students are asked to string together multiple new concepts almost immediately without the benefit of issues raised in #2 and #3 above. 5) In the introductory geometry lessons the student is told that if figures look similar or congruent they are to assume that they are. WHAT? I have always seen that you are NEVER to ASSUME something like that from the way a figure looks. (e.g., If lines appear to intersect, that's not a trick. But just because two lines look parallel, that must be proven unless GIVEN.) 6) I do wonder about the learning styles and aptitudes of the test group... I have been told that the student I am tutoring is good with concepts but that his fluency is lacking. I plan to go through some basic review with him today to assess that and then make some recommendations before we start. I am not looking forward to tutoring/teaching from this curriculum and if the mom is willing I might suggest some other options. Shormann accounts can be put on hold for a time and that might be a temporary solution. I just feel like for a struggling student with some learning challenges that SM might be overload. Thanks in advance. I'm looking forward to your thoughts. Pamela Freeman
  7. I am interested in seeing samples of World of Chemistry by Zumdahl, but can't seem to find any on the web. Also, Amazon has several versions - can someone point me in the right direction for an honors (not AP) level course? We will use either it or the BJU text with the DIVE CD. THANKS!
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