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Novel Units Literary Guides

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I used the Novel Unit teacher book for The Illiad (I did not have the student book). It was okay; not anywhere as meaty as the Garlic Press Discovering Literature guides, but not as lightweight as the Smarr guide we used for Epic of Gilgamesh (list of vocabulary words and a vocabulary quiz, some comprehension questions, just a very few discussion questions).


The Novel Unit guide was written for classroom use, but pretty easy to adapt. Mostly comprehension questions, but there were a few discussion questions and an activity that was especially helpful. I also supplemented with the free online Sparknotes guide for more help in depth of analysis.



Other ideas for guides: I know many people on this Board speak highly of Elizabeth Vandiver's The Great Course on The Iliad and the Odyssey. Here is a past thread on Can you help me understand the Iliad, in which the Vandiver lectures are recommended. And I believe Plaid Dad who participates on these Boards has written a guide for the Iliad.


For supplemental resources, do a google search for "literature guide for The Iliad". For example, a quick search brought up this free online Macmillian guide (mostly comprehension questions, but some good discussion questions in the section of "questions for further study" for each chapter, and a few activities in the "expanding your knowledge" section).



BEST of luck, whatever you go with -- and enjoy your epic journey through The Iliad! Warmest regards, Lori D.



ETA: :: ssssiiighhh:: ... Why did I fixate on the Iliad? :confused: You are looking for The Canterbury Tales. Here are some additional resources for Chaucer:


Glencoe Literary Library (free online guide)

Sparknotes (free online guide)

Cliff's Notes (free online guide)

Cummings (free online guide)

Pink Monkey (free online guide)


Librarius website (side-by-side original text/modern translation in verse)

No Fear section of Sparknotes (side-by-side original and translation text)

Luminarium (English Literature website with articles on the background on Chaucer and the times)

Edited by Lori D.
::doh!:: I am a boob... added info and links for what you're REALLY looking for
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Thank you so much, Lori D.! You are so valuable to this board. You know you can never leave, right? :D We are doing Biblioplan Year 2, so I'll be looking at book such as Beowulf, Canturbery Tales, etc., in the middle ages through the reformation.


I'll look into the references you gave me! I mainly need guides that have the answers because I know I won't be able to read every book. It's going to be a very hectic school year next year because I'm going to be having to do some work part-time and have several outside things going on with the kids. Dh is laid off and going back to school, and we've had a series of expensive things happen (hit a deer, a lot of maintenance stuff at one time on the other vehicle, and dh just had to have surgery because he broke his hand).

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