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Netbook, tablet, online courses?

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I am unbelievably NOT computer savvy. I currently have Verizon. We have a dumb phone and a smart phone. We almost never use the dumb phone. With their new plan it spears as though I'd save a ton by upgrading my dumb phone to a netbook or tablet. Can I do anything on a tablet or netbook? What is the difference?

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I have a netbook. I can do just about anything I've ever needed. Video, audio, streaming, web, and such. What kinds of things do you do on a computer? You should be able to find out what kind of processor and memory from whatever software you use is required.


from what i see, tablets are just the same, but easier to physically handle. I would assume if you aren't "computer- savy," you aren't doing anything super heavy with a processor or memory, so either a tablet or netbook should be fine for you.

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Nothing heavy at all!


However, if Verizon is going to mess with my bill, I'd like to at least benefit. And, well, to add a tablet or a netbook now is an additional $10. So, if I have the opportunity to double my computer power... It makes good sense to me.


I'd like to be able to plug my netbook or tablet into my van to listen to itunes. Is that a long shot or can it be done?

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you can- we do it all the time. you have a few options.


1. audio cord. I'll have to get with my husband to find out exactly what, but the cord goes directly from your netbook audio output (headphone jack) to an mp3 input in your car stereo. (we don't have/do this)


2. "old fashioned" tape adapter. looks like a tape you stick in a tape player, but has a cord connected to it that literally sticks out of your tape player while it is in the player. that cord then connects to your netbook audio output and will play whatever you are playing on the netook- through the car stereo.


3. most difficult to get to work. a radio adapter. same concept as tape adapter, but if you don't have a working tape player- this is your only alternative. a cord runs from your netook audio output and connects to a little box about the size of a cell phone. Said box has a radio dial on it and a tiny antenna. This box takes the audio signal running from your netbook, then "projects" it onto a "blank" radio station (found by using the radio dial on said box) and then will play it through your car stereo. Sounds complicated, but only hard part is really finding the blank station and not getting interference.

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