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DIVE Biology as a stand alone?

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A textbook is needed as part of the course although he does provide Internet links. Everything else is included on the DIVE CD-Rom. But the textbook is used as part of the teaching material. You can use whatever textbook you want. He has syllabuses that line up with several publishers. The textbook questions are not used, just the information.

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This is the page of DIVE syllabi for various programs. DIVE aligns most closely with BJU, but he also has syllabi for several versions of both A Beka and Apologia, as well as a selection of secular texts for Bio and Chem. You can also just use it with internet links and no textbook at all.


We've used DIVE Bio and Chem so far with BJU. I think it would be fine without the text, if you used the internet resources. I would have dc take notes from what they read, and they would almost create their own textbook. I have had my dc use some of the links, even though they have the text. It would also be great to grab some library books on the various topics.


I really like it, and the price is right! :001_smile:

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