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Best pencil sharpener ever!!

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I am an art teacher that owns three of these little pencil sharpeners. I bought one for my studio and liked it so much that I bought two more to take to school. While I absolutely love the sharpener alone, we now realize that there is a design flaw, and I have not figured out how to remedy it yet. There is a little clamp that comes with the sharpener to attach it to the edge of a surface, but this will not work long term. My students get frustrated and don't know what to do because they come loose while being used. Try as we might, we cannot get the sharpeners to stay put without using some sort of little sticky pads under the sharpener. This seemed to solve the issue for us for awhile, but then it created yet another problem. Whenever a lead would break in the sharpener and get stuck (as it inevitably does with frequent pencil sharpener use -- especially with colored pencils), we not only had to unclamp the unit to tilt and unclog the barrel...we also had to pull the sharpener unit up off the sticky pads we had placed under it to hold the sharpener down. Needless to say, my students and I have been very unhappy about this. I've invested $75 in these little sharpeners, but I can't seem to get them to work in my classroom.


I'd really like to see the manufacturer come up with a better clamp. The sharpener itself is awesome. The clamp is a piece of junk in my opinion.




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