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Sonlight High School & Transcripts

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We have been using Sonlight as a family for 8 years. As our oldest heads to high school next year, I am wondering will Sonlight see us through?


Anyone using Sonlight in HS? Any suggestions how to separate, grade, & record for purposes of transcripts?

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We loved using Sonlight through high school!


My son's History portion of his high school transcript looked like this:


9th grade Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation History (we used Beautiful Feet that year)

10th grade U.S. History (Sonlight)

11th grade 20th Century World History (Sonlight)

12th grade U.S. Govt and Economics (We used Notgrass for that)


For English, our colleges just wanted: "English 9, English 10," etc. on his school transcript.


We did use Sonlight's Brit Lit program for 12th grade. He was able to CLEP out of English Literature at the end of his 12th grade year, b/c that lit program was so thorough. He also CLEP'd out of Analyzing and Interpreting Literature in college and 2 History of Civ courses, thanks to Sonlight.


For my daughter:


9th grade World History (we used Sonlight's one year world history)

10th grade Ancient World History (we used Winter Promise)

11th grade U.S. History (Sonlight)

12th grade will be U.S. Govt. and Economics (required in our state) - Notgrass.

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My oldest used it for High School. I gave him a Bible, History, and English credit (total 3 credits each year/core) I graded any writing he did and added the grades toward his English Credit along with a list of books he read that were considered classics. I also had a vocabulary workbook with weekly test to add to his grade in English. For history credit, if the writing was based on a history theme it also was then counted toward his grade for history. Weekly discussions, current event, and notes taken while watching a documentary DVD were given a pass/fail grade. The research paper was history centered so it counted toward his history credit.

Bible was pretty much a pass/fail class.

I also had a page attached to his transcript that stated the requirements for each subject and the credits earned.

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I am curious about this too! I am contemplating Sonlight or MFW for DD for HS. Do you include a literature credit or is it part of the English? What are suggestions for HS lit to go with the cores?

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SL is pretty flexible for deciding what credits you want. My son did SL 100 this year for 9th grade--didn't do the LA but used a writing program instead, so that combined with the lit will make up his English credit, plus a history credit.


Keep good records so that it's easier to go back later and fill out a transcript (or better yet, keep it updated as you go!). You may want to keep a reading list, a sample paper or two, test scores if you do any tests, and so on. I keep a page for each subject to record either books read, or tests, science labs, whatever I want to keep track of. If you keep a binder with dividers for each subject and just add things as you go, it will be much easier than sitting down senior year and trying to remember that your child did a semester of fine arts in 9th grade and so on.


Sonlight makes it easy to track I think, because their IG is well-organized and you can get booklists etc... from that.


Enjoy, high school discussions are fun! Merry :-)

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