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SotW review questions and summaries


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Hello! I am a little new to the posting, so pardon me if this topic has been covered. I would like my third grader to work more independently on SotW 2 next year so that I can attend to the needs of our other children. I like how the Activity guides feature review questions for each chapter to help children formulate the summaries. I was planning to make worksheets out of all the questions(with room for summaries), but was wondering if there's a place that I could find something similar to save me some work? Any ideas?


Updated to add: just saw a thread from 2008 on the same topic. Has anything new become available?

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I am considering using the SOTW tests as a review worksheet...so that might be the answer you are looking for.


:iagree: Although, I am having my ds type his answers into a word document because handwriting is so painful with his physical delays. Typing is the faster route for him. I have the tests and reviews and I think it will work perfectly.

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