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Did you find the TWSS to be a necessary purchase for using IEW SWI?


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I would suggest that you DO use the TWSS because it gives some pretty good tidbits of info for you as you teach through. Most of the teaching is done by Andrew on the SWI DVD, BUT you are the mentor/guide for your child and would benefit from knowing the teaching techniques. A friend loaned me the copy of TWSS and I am watching the appropriate parts of the DVD series that coordinate with the units being taught in the SWI.


Just my two cents. This is our first year using IEW and I'm glad we did- using SWI B because I didn't want to have to learn the teaching method all at once.


If you can borrow or find the TWSS used I do think it's a good investment- plus after you're done with the SWI then you can use the TWSS to have your child write across the curriculum.



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Yep. I used SWI successfully without TWSS. I borrowed a friends' DVDs and notebook and I fall asleep on the DVDs every time I watch them. I've gained much more by watching the SWI DVDs with my kids, and reading through the TWSS Notebook and using the theme based books.


I don't know what it is but I can not make it through the DVD teachings. The friend who loaned me the DVDs is of the opinion that she would be lost with the other products if she didn't have the DVD program first. I really don't get that. I guess it depends on you the teacher and how you learn and teach.

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