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    I have the ECC Basic Set (minus consumables) for sale $150 including shipping. Bought new in 2014 and used with one child. Includes: Teachers Manual (copyright 2014) no writing Hero Tales Windows on the World God Speaks Nunangang Childrens Atlas of God's World Classroom Atlas Wall map of world Maps and Globes Geography from A to Z A trip Around the World Another Trip Around the World Exploring World Geography Properties of the Ecosystem Living World Encylopedia Global Art Wee Sing Around the World You'll need: Student Sheets Passport Flags of the World (I'll include mine which was partially used if you want) Sorry no paypal. Money order, cashiers check, or check (will mail after check clears) accepted. Thanks. Email if interested.



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    I have an older set for sale (price reflects this) with most items for the deluxe set for sale $160 including shipping. I am selling this as a set. Sorry no paypal. I accept money order, cashiers check or personal check (with time to clear) The set includes the following: Teachers Manual (copyright 2007, published 2011) - Good condition- no writing Young Person's Guide to Knowing God Tales of Persia Witnesses to all the World States and Capitals Songs Story of World Vol 4 Story of World Vol 4 Activity book (no writing) Children's Encylopedia of American History World of Science 100 Science Experiments In God We Trust Trial and Triumph The Last 500 Years Exploring American History (older version copyright 1992) President's placemat and Map of World placemat can throw in two partial sets of the president's cards (if you want them) US History Cookbook Across Five Aprils Hudson Taylor Sargant York Corrie Ten Boom Brother Andrew Then Sings my Soul (book only, no CD) CDs (cases cracked) for the following: Stories of Foster & Sousa in music Best of George Gershwin Sousa to Satchmo Patriotic Songs Email/reply if interested or questions. Thanks for looking.


  3. This is really helpful! I see a variety of paths and learned a couple things (like I thought everyone did Biology in 9th, but lots of people take it later high school; I thought earth science was middle school, but I see there are classes that must qualify for high school credit, etc.) I need to give some thought to what the high school path will be so I can figure out what dd should do for next year (8th)........I'm torn between doing Earth Science (which I think she would enjoy) or Integrated Physics and Science (maybe BJU with DIVE) to help get her ready for high school classes (and s
  4. I'm having a tough time planning for High School science, so I thought I'd see how others are doing it! My dd will have had Algebra 1 in 8th and then either Algebra II or Geometry in 9th. Thanks! Paula
  5. I can't remember whose post I saw recommending Blue Tent English, but I am so thankful I came across it! We live in a rural area with not great internet, so doing "live" classes is tough. I was feeling stress of teaching literary analysis and composition and these look perfect for our needs. I signed dd up for Blue Tent Honors English I next year and hope it was the right choice. She's awfully shy, so we'll see how it goes. Paula
  6. I've moved but the family is still transitioning here. Now I'm even more stressed about filing that paperwork because we're coming in quite a bit after their school starts here. Didn't see your response until now... but I can use any links to Wyoming homeschoolers I can get. I do have a few contacts here locally that homeschool, but honestly it's not nearly what we're used to having where we came from...... Paula

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    A long shot, but if anyone has this (the syllabus or any of the books that are required for it) please send me a pm with price including shipping (I'm in US). Thanks! Paula


  8. Wow, I'm excited to see more replies and also to know I'm not the only one mulling these things over. Ruth- some really good info. I think I need to have more confidence in my ability to teach these skills to dd. Funny, but the highlighting material worked well for me but I must be in the minority LOL I guess it's the perfectionist in me so I want something with all the answers so I know I'm doing it "correctly"- The reasons *behind* outlining the text, i.e. for the student to process the info, was a great reminder and somehow I feel a bit less pressure to be "perfect" in this area. T
  9. In addition to all the great suggestions (and I fully plan to use Sparknotes with dd when she hits high school), I also have Teaching the Classics and have heard nothing but great things about it as helpful to the parent re: literature. Just throwing that out there since I didn't see it mentioned. If you totally give up, they have online literature classes you can take and the books are preselected. Another thing that is helpful to some parents as a plan for how much to do in one year, etc. are the Excellence in Literature series. My problem is that I want to do *everything* and I always t
  10. Some great ideas, thanks! It seems like I read somewhere that the BJU middle science books have the kids outlining and there might be some guidance in the Teachers Manuals... but I can't seem to find where I found that info. Maybe someone on here has experience with the BJU texts? I know DIVE gives them experience with taking notes from lectures and maybe some help with labs. But I'd really like her to learn how to outline the textbooks and just not sure I can teach her that skill.....I need something like WWS for science!!! Any other ideas for me to mull over? Thanks so much! Paula
  11. Writing...ugh. Anyway, lots of great curriculum out there, but when you said your dd is a VSL, I wondered if you've tried the mind mapping type software with her? My dd has dyslexia and a lot of kids find it helpful to use these... check out http://www.inspiration.com/ or similar type things. Helps them to organize thoughts and then translate into outlines, then they can write :) WS Apprentice would be below her level. You could use Jump In and skip the parts you find objectionable- it does spend some time going through different ways of organizing thoughts, i.e .clustering, brainstor
  12. Not sure what science we're using this year but I want my dd middler to learn how to take notes this year from a science textbook. Looking for suggestions on how to do this...... is there DVD based instruction out there for this? That also guide them along and also show them how to write lab reports? I am open to any type of science (earth, life, physical, etc.) and Christian or secular. I would like to use the time during the middle school years to get dd to learn how to study from a textbook. Thanks :) Paula
  13. I'm not an expert, but I do have the MFW AHL Lit & Supplement as I'm trying to plan myself for high school. The Lit & Supplement has reading comprehension to go with the reading assignments to go with the various books they study in depth, grammar integrated throughout and the writing/composition focus is on learning and practicing the persuasive essay (the Notgrass is the history spine and would be the short essay answer type things) A lot of the essay questions tie in with the Bible. I think it would be too much to do the MFW and CLE. I don't have any experience with CLE, so c
  14. Oh, I guess I should say that my kids didn't like WS .... so, just wondering if the Rod and Staff with whatever writing assignments in 1850 to modern times will be enough for my 4th grader). :confused1: Paula
  15. We're switching over to MFW next year, but jumping in at 1850 to modern (for various reasons including older children). We're going to stick with Rod and Staff English, but I am wondering will there be enough writing assignments in MFW to balance out since R&S has sparse composition assignments at that level for my 4th grader? If it's not enough, I could have her go through Wordsmith Apprentice in addition to R&S or in lieu of--- I have that lying around to use because I think dd would enjoy it. Thanks. Paula
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