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Which WWE?


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A little background:


ODD ~ she's a "young" 10yo, in the 5th grade, is dealing w/CAPD (currently doing therapies for this), and really struggles with writing.

YDD ~ she's a young 8yo, in the 3rd grade, in the process of being dx'ed with ADHD-PI (inattentive), is an accelerated learner but poor writer.


I can't decide where to start them. Originally I thought I'd put them both in WWE4, but then thought maybe WWE3. We've never done anything remotely like this curriculum before as we've only been hsing for a year, and we're using the school district's curriculum. Odd and went to B&N to look at the series last night, and she wants to start with WWE2.


Whatever I decide, I'll probably do the same for both girls. I'm still "on the grid" b/c I'm doing a Long Term Independent Study Program through the school district. (I'm not ready to be completely on my own.) This means I have to turn in work from state adopted curricula ... but the director supports us doing other things too. I don't think I'll have the time to do work for the school in 2 different grades and also 2 different levels of WWE.


I know I'm probably all over the place. Sorry about that. Thanks for any input.


Oh, also, we're going to be doing AAS for spelling and FFL for grammar. I'll start from the beginning with AAS. I'm pretty sure I'll be doing FFL4, but I'm open to opinions there too.

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