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Feeling kinda chatty tonight :)

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Today, we got up early (not morning people!!) to finish our schooling by noon. It worked! The goal was to houseclean (can you say catch up?!?) until 4, then manage the kids evening activities. Well, at 4 I was in the /zone/. You know what I'm talking about! If I could've stayed in the groove this house would be SPARKLING by now!


As it was, I stopped. Sweetly, dh decided to take the boys to CEC after TKD so I could return to the /zone/. Well, after cooking a lovely favorite meal in a quiet house & enjoying as much as I wanted, I'm now fat, happy, &, um, dressed in real clothes, & so far away from the /zone/ it doesn't even register.


Instead I just want to sip hot tea & chat with you lovely ladies. Not exactly what dh (or I) had in mind. Ain't that just how it goes :lol:.

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It's been dreamy sipping tea & visiting all your threads the last little bit. Kinda like a mini-stay-cation :). However, I have been rung & the brood is nearly in the 'hood. I must go scrub toilets & other such activities tasked to us domestic goddesses.


Have a lovely night Hive!

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