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Essentials in Writing


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Who has used this? Did you buy it on grade level? What did you think?


My ds is in 4th and is a voracious reader but hates (hates hates hates!) to write. He is ok with narration but his spelling is atrocious. We use FLL4 and WWE 4.


I just saw it mentioned in another tread but did not want to hijack that thread.


Thank you!:bigear:


ETA : I was getting him to do written narrations in history and science but it was taking all the fun out of those subject so I stopped and had him do them orally. I would like to get him back to that ...but the TEARS!

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We started using it on our off days from FLL/WWE. I wanted something less Mommy intensive for those days. My son enjoys it and he HATES writing. We are only a few lessons in, 5 I think, so I don't have a lot of input. Right now we are working on sentence structure/grammar. I did get him the 4th grade level(he's third grade technically) after an email conversation with the instructor. I would recommend checking with him to see where he thinks your son should be. He responds quickly.

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