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Sudden improvement in asthma post flu...

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My son has had issues controlling his asthma since this past summer. We were having such trouble last month I feared we were headed for a round of oral steroids. Then he got influenza! I was concerned.


We were pleased that he had no issues with asthma during the flu. Beyond that he has had no asthma attacks at all in the weeks since. I think we're almost a month out. This is a child who couldn't run around at all without an inhaler. He can go places that were sure asthma attacks before. He isn't struggling at all.


I don't know whether to be hopeful but it's hard not to be. At least I'm really puzzled.


We did up his vitamin D some for the first few days of the flu. But this is a child who takes 2000 IU per day routinely/year round and had good levels (50) when I tested him. I'm wondering, still, if the extra bump put him in a range where it improves his asthma. I'm really tempted to fork money for a vitamin D test to see where he is. I can't think of any other reason the flu would result in markedly better asthma control?

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