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Which one to do first?

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I have The Sentence Family and Grammar-Land and they both look great and fun. I don't know which one to start first... Does it matter??


I'd really like to get some lyra pencils to do the drawings in The Sentence Family, but that will take me a bit to get them... I do have beeswax crayons we could use. The book suggested beeswax crayons.


What did you all use for the drawings?


I'd like to start one of them next week, but can't make up my mind. Then do the other program next before we start ILL. Or should I start ILL alongside those two since they only cover grammar and ILL does a lot more?


This is for my current 4th grader, btw.


Thoughts? :bigear:

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I don't think it particularly matters. They have different "characters". We jumped in with Grammar Land because I already had it, though I've been eyeing The Sentence Family for over a year. :tongue_smilie: Maybe one of these days I'll get around to it.


If you really want the colored pencils for TSF, I'd start with GL and not worry.


I think I'd do one now, and the other alongside ILL.

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I read Grammar Land aloud last year to my 10 yo. We got about half way through and then I/we got bored, it got more complicated, and when we stopped for a couple of weeks all was forgotten. I own The Sentence Family, but I plan to use that next year or towards the end of this year. What I am using now:




I am finding this to be a more gentle introduction to grammar and really helpful for making the basic concepts clear. I actually find The Sentence Family to be a bit too advanced to start with. Nouns, verbs, adjectives fine. However, it quickly jumps into Mr. Declarative Sentence and Mrs. Interrogative Sentence. My dc are better off just getting the difference between common nouns, proper nouns, etc. at first.

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