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For those interested in an ONLINE version of HSTP


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I just copied this from the HSTP website.



Ok -we are finally ready to say... our newprogram, HSTOnline, is being prepped forlaunch on March 10, 2012.


For those who have used other programs in the Homeschool Tracker product line, here are just a few of the key improvements in the online version:

Jump right in: There is nothing to install on your home computer.

Always up to date: There is no need to download updates, the current version is always at your fingertips.

Access anywhere: You can use the program wherever you are from any device that has an internet connection and web-browsing capabilities. Use it on your Windows or Linux PC, Mac, iPad, Tablet, smartphone, etc.

No database issues: Your data is secured in an online location. There is no need to worry about backing up your database.

New Scheduler Tool: A new and improved way to turn your Lesson Plan items into Assignments.

More flexible scheduling patterns: Set Daily, Weekly or Monthly patterns to be followed when copying Assignments or using the Scheduler tool.

Export data: You can export any records from the Agenda - List View or Lesson Plan into a spreadsheet format to use however you need it.

All reports in PDF format: Reports are already in a format which you can download, print, or email without taking extra steps.

And so much more…

We are very excited about this product and feel it is our best ever!


Q: Do I have to switch?


A: No, if you are happy with the desktop program you are currently using, you can continue to use it as long as you like. Homeschool Tracker Plus will continue to be available and supported.


Q: Why should I switch?


A: Convenience! With HSTOnline you can access your data from anywhere with any device with an internet connection and browsing capabilities! And the new features and interface will make your planning and record-keeping even easier than before.


Q: How much?


A: Homeschool Tracker Online is a subscription service. You can choose a monthly ($7.50/month) or annual ($60/year) subscription. The base subscription allows you to enter information for up to 10 Students (with or without login privileges). You will also have your Administrator login (as the license owner) and you can set up one additional Teacher login. You can purchase an expansion pack ($15 perpack/year) which provides for 2 additional Teacher logins and 10 additional Student logins – a great deal for co-ops and church groups.


Q: What about the data I’ve already entered in Basic or Plus?


A: In order to ensure security and safety of the online database, there is no conversion tool to import your existing desktop database into the online program. We may revisit that at a later date.


You can add that information to the online database as you have time, entering all the details or simply creating one completed, graded assignment for each subject/course per term so that you can create a complete Transcript.


Q: I have more questions…


A: We know! Right now we are working 20 hours per day putting on the finishing touches. We will do our best, as always, to answer your questions in a timely manner.


Katie & JL Gentile

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It's really frustrating to have paid the "lifetime license fee" for the desktop version, including all upgrades, then have them basically release an upgrade that is not included in what I paid for.


I am sure they would argue that it is "a new product," but I am not buying right now, literally and figuratively. That monthly/yearly price will really add up to quite a bit over a homeschooler's school life compared to a lot of app pricing right now. I think it would be easier to just write my own database for transcript purposes and plan on paper when support for the PC based HST inevitably peters out.



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