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SFCL listening schedule, starting Monday

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I've stewed and thought, moved the pieces around, tried to find a logical order in which to schedule this.


Today, I throw my hands up and say, let's just on with this. We can refine later. Just get in the car.


Here are the first 4. I'll be posting on Monday the title of the first one which appears here, and that is analytical learning. Couple of things to note.


1st. The lectures approach an hour or so each. So with that in mind-there is some time commitment involved. You can pause and rewind these talks via the slider bar.


2nd. New terms are going to probably come up for you; or some idea you will want to dig deeper into; or something as simple as a quote you want to catch and ruminate over. Have a notebook handy.


3rd. It's been suggested that the concepts of the Progymnasmata & Rhetoric are threaded though-out these talks - so heads up on that. Now is the time to Google those two things if you need to get your feet wet on those terms again.


4th. One listening to a single lecture here may or may not be enough to catch all the information within. In my experience, they tend to produce a LOT of rabbit trails and need to fill in ideas, I've found myself having to go back the next day and listen to portions of it again, or the entire thing again.


Watch the counter on the slider bar for the count when you want to review, it's helpful to have those minutes written down so you aren't searching like crazy when/if you want to review portions of it.




I don't want to pre-color the concepts in the first lecture with my take on it; so I'm going to simply leave it blank. Everyone who listens and then later participates in discussion will have something very unique to add; by providing a synopsis of the lecture as *I* have understood it may ruin it for someone else.


So that's it for now.


Here are the first four lectures, we'll start on Monday, chat throughout the week on the topic, I'll post a new Thread Topper here on the Self-Ed board for it titled: Kern, Analytical Learning- and that's where we'll gab & learn.




The linked site is here:


Audio Lectures from SFCL

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