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Help with how to keep track of volunteer\apprentice position with a vet.

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Dd14 starts a volunteer\apprentice position at a veterinarian hospital next week and I want to start keeping a record of it since I know it will be something she continues (either at this facility or at others) throughout highschool. How do I go about doing that for a transcript? Do I just record hours spent per week, total amount of hours for the year, do I have her keep a record of her experience (what her duties are, what she has been learning)? Do I ask the head vet for an evaluation mid year?


Any advice?

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I would have her keep track of hours and some log of what they did each day. The experience can be so diverse, depending on the day and the nature of the clinic. Will she be working with the vet directly or partnered with a vet tech?


When I worked for an animal hospital we did a lot of boarding and general grooming. Our high school students (who were hires, no volunteers) did a lot of animal care maintenance and some interaction with patient care.


It's been years since I worked for a vet, but at that time we did a lot of basic lab work in house. I learned how to do everything from read fecal exams to do Heartworm checks and white counts. The summer hires would not have done all of that on a regular basis, unless they worked for us a couple of summers.


It would be interesting to track her experience as she gets more comfortable in a clinic environment.


I would ask for an evaluation mid-year, probably from whomever she works closest with, it could be a tech, not the vet themselves.


I would also encourage her to journal stories. I could write a book on the adventures I had, good and bad.


I wish her the best, it was the hardest job I've never forgot. The first week I was there I watched a c-section on Siamese, it was so memorable to hold brand new kittens. We had two of the babies come into the clinic for the remaining time I worked there. I would always go see them when they came in.


There are also some hard days when things don't go well. I would encourage you to allow her to discuss those with you or find someone to talk it over with that will listen.


Again I wish her the best.

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Thanks Elegantlion. She will be working directly with the head vet\owner on his surgery day. So, in the morning it will be more of a observing\teaching atmosphere, then in the afternoon she will shadow him or one of the other vets during appointments\farm calls.


I think having her keep a journal - even if it's just a summary once a month, would be great. Not necessarily for anyone else's viewing but just for her to keep a record of her advancement in experience and knowledge.


I'm so excited for her.:D

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