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  1. My favorites: From the Front Porch I'll Tell You What Happier with Gretchen Rubin Happier in Hollywood Sorta Awesome The Encourager Goal Digger The Lazy Genius The Lively Show The Next Right Thing What Should I Read Next The Simple Show
  2. Your son did a great job in being so proactive! That is great! It's encouraging to hear he's now in Cal3! As a follow up, I've hired a tutor that I think will be helpful. I really appreciate all of your thoughts!!
  3. This! It is the "weeding out" course for the engineering program. My son had DE experience at another large 4 year university and learned to utilize office hours, but this prof's office hours fall during my son's other class and work-study schedule. He was slotted into his class schedule by the engineering department, and because he had quite a bit of DE credit, he was given a light schedule. I'm really kicking myself that I didn't say something when I saw he only had 14 hours. No possibility of dropping a class without falling below full-time hours. Lesson learned!
  4. That is my gut feeling too. He can't get in to see his advisor until Oct. 16th. I'm a first-time college mom, and I'm unsure how involved to get, but he doesn't seem to be making progress with his department. Dropping the class could really mess with his financial aid, I'm afraid. But so could failing the class.
  5. Thanks for the reply! The professor has told him to go to the free student tutoring offered by the school. He has tried this, and it seems helpful with individual questions about particular problems, but his issues seem to be deeper and more conceptual. He looks at a problem and doesn't know where to begin. I'm not sure what happened. He finished Calc 1 through DE at the local 4-year university and earned an A. When picking his DE professor, he went through Rate My Professor and picked a good but difficult prof. He just seems lost now. The professor is encouraging those in the class that d
  6. Does anyone have experience hiring an online tutor for a struggling college student? My son is struggling in his calc 2 class, and we need to find some help for him. He has been a good math student up until this point--he just seems to have hit a wall. The school offers peer tutoring, but it is quite limited in scope and time. I've been looking at Wyzant in particular, and wondered if anyone had experience with this site or can recommend another site or even tutor? Thanks! Shannon
  7. I "liked" this, but I wish there was an option to "love" it! Thank you for the encouragement! I'm feeling bittersweet at the fact I'll be graduating my two oldest over the next two years. Congrats to you!!
  8. My ds, who is planning on a stem career, took pre-calc and calculus as DE classes at our local 4-year university. We researched the professors online using Rate My Professor and Uloop to find one that would be both challenging and thorough. The prof we selected has been amazing! He has very high expectations, and my ds has been stretched in so many good ways. In addition to the calculus, he has learned important skills for navigating college classes, including how to seek additional explanation or help when encountering difficult material. The prof has become somewhat of a mentor to my ds, and
  9. DS has been accepted to the University of Alabama at Huntsville with a Charger Distinction scholarship and Tennessee Technological University with merit and departmental scholarships. Such an exciting time!
  10. Mortgage (plus taxes and insurance) then health insurance.
  11. My high schoolers are mostly outsourced at this point between dual enrollment and local tutorials. I think I've finally got this nailed down for my 5th grader: Rod and Staff English 5, assigned novels, and written narrations across the curriculum. Math Mammoth 5 Story of the World 2 with extra reading (Horrible Histories for fun, Landmark books from our shelves, and others) Quark Chronicles Zoologoy & Anatomy (with Brainpop, youtube videos, and Quizlet.) Thinking Through Analogies and Prufrock Press logic books Evan Moor books (Daily Geography, Daily Word Problems, Word a Day
  12. This site has unit studies and lapbooks that correlate to books. There is also a searchable title index: http://www.homeschoolshare.com/
  13. So much to think about! I need several days to dedicate to reading and researching. I appreciate all the time you have all taken to respond. It's overwhelming. Where do you start with the evals? Do I go first to the primary care physician for a referral?
  14. Thank you for the reply, One Step! This is very helpful, and I have noticed that she has trouble absorbing information auditorally. I had to give up on reading to her long ago--I just coudn't hold her attention. She also has vision loss due to a genetic condition, but that generally only affects her distance sight. She can read well without assistance other than her glasses. I will be reading through other posts on this board. I appreciate your help!
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