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Composting & Gardening

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Anyone doing it now to get ready for spring?


I just began our vermiculture. The wigglers will arrive tomorrow so I had to prep their home. I ran all the veggie skins/scraps through my food processor to make it look like a big bucket of coleslaw..hehe!


I also built our first SMALL 2'x2' raised bed that is 12" deep. Turned out good.


Just when I thought we'd be able to put the boxes down, I noticed the pesky moles are back! Now I have to put hardware cloth on the bottoms of the boxes before placing them down on the ground.


ALL the kids helped in both processes and were asking lots of questions. It was a nice experience. Hope we get good compost and some harvest from our FIRST raised bed garden.

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I have a big black garbage can out my back door that I drilled small holes all the way around...lots of holes. I put our kitchen scraps in that (what doesn't/can't go to the chickens). I have my garden area rototilled already. This is our first year in this house and my first garden ever. I have my seeds. Now I just have to wait to plant. I honestly have no clue what the heck I am doing...but I am married to a wheat farmer so hopefully he can help. His parents have had a garden their entire lives so they will help tell me when/where to plant stuff.

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I have 8 beds my children made for me last year. I'm very thankful for the hardware cloth under them. Our gophers are so bad, I couldn't garden with it.


I recently ran across this worm cafe: http://www.instructables.com/id/Worm-Cafe-Compost-with-earthworms-right-in-your/


It's on my list of projects for my garden. I think one in the corner of each bed would be really nice. I have found virtually no earthworms in our garden soil. I wonder if gophers eat worms.

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