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Standardized Test-Terra Nova Anyone used it?


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I have always used the CAT5 standardized test for my kids but now see that the Terra Nova is available with more recent norms. I am wondering if anyone has used it, administered it and what are your thoughts, both good and bad?


I have 3 kids to test this year and don't want to waste money if this is not a good test in comparison to the CAT5. I have not been dissatisfied with CAT5 but have noticed that it is out of date in several areas (ie in "Study Skills" they ask the child to look at a card from a card catalog and tell what the different sections of the card are for-my kids have never even laid eyes on a card catalog card! Do these even exist in libraries any more?) We live where an annual standardized test is a requirement and I want to do a complete battery not a survey test (not even sure if surveys are accepted by my state).


Any information anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I would also love to hear more about this test. My dc are in 6th and 4th and will take their first ever standardized test next month at a local Christian school.... and this school has just switched to the TerraNova this year. I am also wondering how it compares (the school used to use the Stanford test, but switched due to the new norms as well).




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