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Lightning Lit Question


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I beg to differ. There are numerous (I mean, more than my dc could ever complete) worksheets teaching a wide variety of writing, as well as lit. analysis concepts. The formal writing assignments include 3-4 options, in increasing levels of length and difficulty.


Since LL begins in Grade 7, most dc would have already had the more basic levels of writing instruction. However, if your particular child has not, and needs more step-by-step structured writing instruction, you might want to supplement a bit. I would not add another "complete" writing program, though.

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If you have a student who is already writing well, then possibly not. There is a "mini writing lesson" at the end of each unit of LL -- but that is only a 1 to 2 page lesson on a specific aspect of writing about once a month (LL7 -- has 8 units), or once every 3 weeks (LL8 -- has 12 units). That would be a nice "review" for a student who is already writing well.


And while the work pages are great and very helpful, they are all about practicing the literary element, not about the process of writing. We did 2-3 work pages per week, and had no problems completing them all (we skipped the optional "busy work pages of the crossword and word search). We would select and do *one* of the 3-6 longer writing assignment choices at the end of each unit, and spend about a week on it. We were doing the work pages and the writing assignment *while* reading the book, so the writing portion did not slow down doing the program.


However, the amount of instruction in the mini writing lessons was no where near enough writing instruction and writing practice for either of our DSs. So, yes, we used a separate writing program. It was not at all a time or energy burden for us to do so -- and both our DSs are reluctant writers. On the weeks we came to the end of a unit of LL, we would set aside the separate writing program and spend a week doing one of the longer writing assignment suggestions at the end of the LL unit. That made for a very nice break and for some variety in kinds of writing.


In case it is of help, I have listed below the mini writing lesson topics covered by LL7 and LL8. BEST of luck, whatever you decide! Warmest regards, Lori D.



LL7 "mini writing lesson" topics:

1 = openings

2 = outlines

3 = limerick and haiku

4 = nonce words

5 = writing about yourself

6 = brainstorming

7 = cinquain and the list poem

8 = choosing a topic


LL8 "mini writing lesson" topics:

1 = taking notes

2 = rewriting in your own words

3 = free verse and the ballads

4 = rewriting in your own words

5 = citing sources in a paper

6 = the narrator

7 = fun poems

8 = genre fiction

9 = sentence structure

10 = bibliography

11 = the sonnet

12 = writing a conclusion

Edited by Lori D.
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