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Totally underestimated GWG


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We started this year using GWG 4 of our kids. Things were going really well so I decided to upset the apple cart. :( I switched to CLE LA which I think is a fantastic program. However, it wasn't working for the kids. So I went back to GWG. It was AMAZING today. I never really used it to it's full potentail before. We have been having diagraming issues. I love how GWG lets you know exactly where a concept was taught. Made it so easy for me to jump in and help. I felt like I was really "teaching" them today and it felt great. Now I totally undertsand how to diagram direct and indirect objects. :) Ok, I just had to share. We have had a lot and I mean a lot of bad days lately. Felt amazing to have a really good one. :)

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