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  1. Are there any options out there for my 8th grader to take an online writing class that is not too pricey?
  2. Janet, thank you so very much for taking the time to reply. You shared a lot of great ideas that I am going to consider. One thing that stood out right away is the 4 day school week. Right now we are doing 5. I love that you let them work at their own pace during the week. I think that is brilliant! Lately, we have had various things throw off our schedule. I can see where having the 5th day open to finish anything undone totally makes sense. Lots of really good things to think about.
  3. Just to give a little background....this is our 9th year homeschooling. I have 6 kids that are in school as well as a 2 and almost 4 year old. This year it seems like I just can't get everything done. Here is what we have going on. 8th and 10th grade girls are using HOD MTMM. We have beefed this up to make it credit worthy for our 10th grader. My 4th and 6th grade boys are using HOD Preparing pretty much as written. We do use AAS for spelling instead of HOD dication. We are using R&S for grammar, Teaching Textbooks for math. My 2nd grader is using AAR2, AAS2, SM 2a/b, and have been trying to use HOD Beyond. My K guy is doing MFWK with SM for math. We include our almost 4 year old as well. We are going through AAR1 very slowly with my K. I have tried combing the 6th grader and below but when we do I feel like the skill building stops that we were seeing in HOD. We have really struggled to get into a good groove this year. Ideally, I would love to combine the kids for history, science and bible. Read wonderful literature and incorporate cafts and movies to enhance their learning. I just really struggle with skill building when they are grouped together. In a nutshell, I feel like I can't continue with HOD but I am unsure how to continue without.
  4. Just wondering if anyone has come across a scheulde using these two together?
  5. I am just wondering if there is a list of living books to use with MOH volume 1 but broken down by age level?
  6. Thanks everyone. I am so excited to start this year. We have never done FIAR and I think they are going to love that. Our days are very full and this mama loves to sleep in on the weekend. :) Have a great year everyone :)
  7. Although this is our 9th year homeschooling it's always nice to hear if I am on the right track or not. Or if I left out anything major which I always worry about. :) So here it is.... J 8th Math- working through Life of Fred and TT pre Algebra Science - HOD MTMM History- HOD MTMM Bible - HOD MTMM English - Lightning Literature, Fix-it grammar, Write with the Best She also volunteers 2x a month at a bird rehab which at this point is what she plans to do for her career. I also have a 10th grader doing some of the same as above. A 6th Math - LOF, TT5 and TT6 Science - HOD Preparing History - HOD Preparing Bible - HOD Preparing LA - R&S English, AAS & dictation, Write with the Best He volunteers 2x a month as well. G 4th Math - LOF TT5 Science - HOD Preparing History - HOD Preparing Bible - HOD Preparing LA - R&S English, AAS & dictation, Write with the Best P 2nd Math - LOF and Singapore 2a/b Science - Science in the Beginning History - SOTW 1 audio/coloring pages LA - Penntime 2, AAS, FLL 2 Q K Math - Singapore Ka/b Phonics - AAR 1 I am going to use Five in a Row with my 2nd, K and almost 4 year old. Super excited about this. :) Also we will be having an hour of family time in the morning. We will be doing bible time together with various resources, read alouds, vocab roots and anything else I can squeeze in. So, did I miss anything? How does it look?
  8. I have always just written out the assignments for our kids. This year we will have 6 kids in school. I am looking for something that I can print weekly plans for each child, bump lessons when needed, possibly add grades and is easy to use. Any ideas what might work for us?
  9. Is there a Spanish program that would work for a family to use altogether?
  10. We have always used an all in one curriculum like MFW or HOD. Next year we would like to pull our own resources together. I will have a K, 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th. If I want history to be stand alone but on the same time period would combing SOTW and MOH be the answer? I don't history taking up a big chunk of the day. I like SOTW but I don't if I could beef that up enough for my 8th grader. However, MOH might be over the head of my 2nd grader. I looked at Biblioplan but it just seems like a lot to do each day. Any ideas?
  11. We have been using MUS for several years. I take full responsibility for topics not always being mastered before moving. I feel that my 5th grader has some gaps. What can I use to quickly review and fill in where needed? I was thinking Math Mammoth? Any suggestions?
  12. Can I just say BEST THREAD ever! We had a really rough day and this was exactly what I needed. :) Confession- our dog found a very a large bug and dropped it on our back patio. We googled and found out what kind it was. I totally counted this as science for today and maybe tomorrow! Confession- I need to call my bug man. :)
  13. I just realized that they are only leased. :( Maybe I will just look for something else for lit then.
  14. We are halfway through BJU Fundamentals of Lit. I really like it. My dd struggles with it quite a bit. Are the DVD's worth the investment? Wondering if that would help get a better understanding of what she is reading.
  15. This is our first year with HOD. We are in unit 19 with my 9th grader. We are using the guide as written with the exception of math we use MUS and for the grammar portion we are using AG. We are loving it! My dd gets her day done in about 6 hours. It took some hard work to get going. This was a totally different program than what we were using. She loves her 4 day week and so do I. We are both very happy and will continue with HOD through high school as long as the guides are ready. :)
  16. I saw on another thread where someone uses an app for their kids to type the spelling words for AAS. Does anyone know of an app that would work for the Kindle? Something where I can say the word and he can type it? Would be great if it the red and blue letters. Thanks for any help :)
  17. This is geared towards 4th-8th but maybe you could read with her to get her going. http://bfbooks.com/History-of-the-Horse-Pack
  18. Is there an app that would work for Kindle users where the child can type the words?
  19. Thank you for sharing this. We are starting Science in the Beginning on Monday and this will be perfect!
  20. My daughter is in 7th grade and ready for pre algebra. She does not like MUS and would really like to use something else. She also did not like Teaching Textbooks. I really want something that I can learn from well enough to teach her. Math is not my strength. I was thinking maybe Saxon 1/2 with the DIVE or teacher cd's? Any ideas? Math is not her thing at all.
  21. We have used PAL but switched to AAR. I think PAL is really good. For us, it just had too many parts to do each day. If I was only teaching one it would be great. I love AAR for it's short and sweet lessons. One thing we carried on with from PAL was the journaling. Such a great habit to get into at such a young age. I think both are great programs.
  22. We have been using MUS for several years. I think the mastery approach is not the best for my kids. I am looking for a change. Here is what I am looking for. 1.I want something that will help me become a batter math teacher. I will be teaching various levels for the next several years. :) The better I can understand it the better I can teach it. I am not very mathy. 2. We have 8 kids spaced under 2 years apart each from 1 to 14. 3. Quick and easy works best for us. 4. I would love something non-consumable if at all possible. 5. My girls are my oldest. They are not very mathy at all. My next 4 are boys and I am inclined to think they will do really well with math. Seems to click really easily for them for the most part. 6. I like having the entire solution worked out for me. We are using Heart of Dakota. They suggest Singapore. I am using Singapore with my 1st and enjoy it. Not sure I could switch my 3rd and 5th because it is so different. We started using Rod & Staff for English. I am learning so much from it. It is making a much better teacher. I am hoping to find the same for math if I can. Hope that all makes sense. :) Any ideas what might work? Is there something spiral I can supplement MUS with?
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