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Must have ipod touch or iphone apps?

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So, we have some iPod Touches coming our way, and I was wondering what apps you all thought are excellent for it?

I especially am looking for educational apps and productivity apps. I am not nearly as interested in games. I have a ton of music and Podcasts to put on there, but any ideas for informative Podcasts available for free on iTunes would be super appreciated as well.



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My boys' favorites:


--stack the states

--stack the countries

--presidents versus aliens

--rocket math


My older son is working on his geography facts, and Geomaster and something like Geoquiz have been good.


Favorite podcasts for kids:

--classics for kids



My older son loves the family of podcasts from Stuff You Should Know, but may be a little old for your kids.


Right now the Britannica Kids Presidents app is free.

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