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  1. Yes No. Just don’t. re:advisors we have had a couple. One was a Ramsey recommended and he was benign. Young, fee based, did our taxes ended up quitting so we were assigned another. We later realized that DR recommended ones only get on his list by paying a fee. DR doesn’t vet them. Then we switched to another who was a good friend we trusted. First with Morgan Stanley then moved to Wells Fargo. Their statements and interface both were difficult to see what was going on, by design. Took awhile for us to figure out but he cost us THOUSANDS and has been our biggest financial regret. 5 years down the drain with him. Since then I have spent lot of time readin books and we have come up with our OWN plan. We switched everything to Fidelity and are managing it ourselves. Their app is so amazingly simple to see exactly where you are. We are slowly selling off our bad investments, are waiting til Jan and moving everything into index funds. Do your homework. It is less complicated than the advisors would like you to believe. Look, you homeschool, right? You have had to learn along the way? You can do this. Everyone is in this business for a reason, to make $$$. Sorry if this offends anyone but they are leeches. They make their money off us—either commissions or other payments that are difficult to see. Reddit also has some advice forums in addition to bogleheads etc. squirrelers is another.
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    I have this in luminous medium and luminous large. LOVE THEM! Lightweight. I get compliments all the time. In fact several people have asked me for the link.
  3. You can paint the cabinets and swap out counters for not a lot of $. There is no good color but we do have a dishwasher with a panel that matches the kitchen cabs. Love that.
  4. TSP is a cleaner you can get in the paint section at Home Depot. Put some in warm water and scrub with a mop.
  5. This. Absolutely. I Comb it in my hair in the shower and rinse some (not all) a la curly girl. Comb some gel in. Squeeze curls in old cotton T-shirt.
  6. Sounds like she is gifted and needs the correct placement. I would share her old scores with the school and ask to be retested. Do it in writing.
  7. My gifted 3rd grader picked up the workbook yesterday on his own and started working on it. He said he likes the puzzles .
  8. We used Mep maths at that level. Check out the blog mep101 which explains well and provides links.
  9. Though if there was a gap in employment prior to taking this job, I probably wouldn’t list it as prior experience. I think she is a risky reference. You can find other character references I’m sure.
  10. We always give a fun cookie mix—those packets you can buy. Mine LOVE those.
  11. Yes. DH has some working for him. One is upset about not being promoted quickly to a job most don’t get until they have put in 5 years AND there is an opening. Neither is true.
  12. This or a smaller version is on my Christmas wish list
  13. Awww that’s terrible! I thought i had registered awhile back but couldn’t find anything in my email. Bad PR I say!
  14. Is it happening this year? I’m having trouble finding info online...
  15. I would first invite one or 2 out to do something fun. Get to know them outside the group.
  16. You can order online from walking company and return to the store.
  17. We have an 18" Bosch dishwasher with the third rack up top and it is the most amazing dishwasher we have ever had. Better than a previous 24" Bosch we had, go figure. Can fit so much in and put all silverware up top so don't use basket. Abslutely deep double sink. Deep enough for big pots and pans and cookie sheets to get clean. A single faucet you can pull down to spray dishes is awesome too. And yes fridge inside.
  18. If you can wait til New Years Best Buy puts all their open box appliances on 20%off lowest price. We got a bunch of appliances for a steal--like a $2500 fridge fro $900
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