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iPad lesson planner


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So I have no idea who will see this being that it's late but....


I was trying to figure out a cheap way to get my lesson planning going and was scouring the app store and found one that is meant for students but it looks like it is going to be great for a homeschooling parent to use...


Called istudiez lite It's free!


Imput in the times for each class and how often it occurs and any assignments. It's very crisp and easy to use. You can pay a dollar or two more for the full version, which I may do.

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About for multiple children...I am only schooling one so it's not an issue with me but it is basically the same thing as I blank lesson planner I got at the store that I will take back. Just subjects, times and dates. But for each course you write down assignments so I played with it last night and you can do this...


LA 9:30-10:00 daily (then sets it for the whole semester ..you chose when your semester begins and ends...neat feature)

and then within each course you can add daily assignments.


Everything is also able to be color coded so it's quick to find and look for things.


This is not an exhaustive type of thing but the month at a glance is also nice to look at. I am trying to go more paperless because we just don't have enough room where we live right now to have stuff tucked everywhere. And also that it is so portable when we go to visit the relatives.

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