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  1. Oh wow. What an awesome resource! Thank you.
  2. I'd love any and all suggestions of forensic science type curriculum, videos, books, whatever, that anyone might have. No ages in mind, id like to just see what's out there. I know all about the tv show, just looking for something to really work into a curriculum for my facinated kids.
  3. I'd love any and all suggestions of forensic science type curriculum, videos, books, whatever, that anyone might have. No ages in mind, id like to just see what's out there. I know all about the tv show, just looking for something to really work into a curriculum for my facinated kids.
  4. We love MEP Math. It's out of the UK, and everything is free online. In both the third and fourth years, they can answer everything online, as well. I do order the student workbooks for them, but I use the lesson plans right on the website everyday. Good luck!
  5. We use this also like a "math dessert." all the kids love this and we get into my bed and we read a chapter and do the problems and they all love it. I use MEP for my two bigs, and also beast academy for my oldest. Fred is a favorite, though.
  6. We use The Writing Road to Reading and we love it. My son had to memorize all the phonograms before we started with the spelling tests. Half way through the year he was reading well, by the end of te year he could read anything. I never ased him to read aloud to me at all. He just began reading on his own because of te practice in WRTR.
  7. Ok, I know my kids are kind of young to get really into this discussion, but I have to say this has been another mind blowingly awesome thread to stumble upon here. My son is obsessed with history. He loves it. He can't get enough. So why aren't I making it the basis for all we are doing? I agree with lots of you that math, and in our case, Latin, need to be my curriculum heavy subjects, but everything else can be taught through devouring history books, then delving into corresponding lit and science. What a revelation! I signed for this homeschool journey in order to 1. Give my children a love of learning and 2. To let them explore freely their interests and to discover and hone whatever gifts they have. I have been so caught up in checking the boxes for my kid that I have not been really following 1&2 above. I am so thankful that I found this thread. I'm so thankful that I have a chance to change my wonderful son's school to something based on his passion. Seriously, this has opened my eyes! Thank you to everyone who contributed their knowledge and experience in this post.
  8. This is great to read. My 3 year old today demanded a spelling test, (like her brother), and asks me constantly when she will get to do school. So far, I have her just sit at the table with us when the two bigs are doing their thing, and she always does BFSU and SOTW with us. I hadn't heard about Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons before. I will check that out. I was even thinking about gently starting OPGTR, but I'm nervous because I have read that it can be bad to start them too young.
  9. I also find that there isn't a ton of prep involved. I will read the chapter we are going to do, order the library books, and gather materials. I don't particularly think of myself as comfortable with teaching science, but your kids (like mine), are relatively young, so you are not exactly teaching the highest level of the chapter. I think we will use this book over and over again through 8th grade, so I feel like my knowledge will be building as there's is, and prep will probably never be an issue because of this...I hope!
  10. I have a terrible time with facial recognition. I feel like I've been the "cold" person so many times, and I get so upset when people think I'm being rude- not at them, of course, but at myself for blanking them. At homeschool events I find I talk to a lot of moms. Then time goes by and we're not at the same reptile show/park day/art demonstration where we originally spoke, and I would have no idea who you were. Also, to be quite honest, sometimes these events stress me out so much with my kids wanting to touch the poison frog/lock themselves in te public park bathroom/pour paint all over their sister that I just don't have the extra emotional space to carry out a fun adult conversation with my best friend, let alone someone I don't really know.
  11. My thoughts so far: Math: MEP year 3, maybe some LOF LA: WRTR, Understanding Writing, FLL 2, WWE 2 History: SOTW 2 Reading: Historical fiction/non-fiction Typing: Typing Island Handwriting: D'Neilion Latin: Song School, perhaps Science: BFSU
  12. I have never used Real Science, so I can't speak to that. I do use BFSU, though, and we love it! There are lots of book suggestions at the end of every chapter, and that keeps it really little kid friendly. The experiments are awesome, and I rarely have to go to the store to pick anything special up. You can make the lessons as long or as short as you want them, and I love how each lesson builds on the previous one. The best part is, the author gets back to you if you email him with questions. Like within 24 hours! He's incredibly supportive about homeschooling, and he's a really interesting guy who really will go out of his way to help.
  13. Board games. My 7 yo loves them. He has two sisters, and there are two girls 3 houses down that come over on a regular basis, and board games keep his energy level down a little with all the delicate ladies ;) ETA: my son would hate the craft.
  14. These are great suggestions! I plan to try them all. Fun fact: we actually live in Ramona's neighborhood. The grocery store that is being built in Ramona the Pest is where we shop; the library were she goes is now a fab French cafe, but the new library has the huge entrance wall with a marble map of Ramona's most frequent haunts. There are also Ramona walking tours. Not common, but they happen. There is a real klickitat st, which Beverly clearly never lived on but loved the sound of.
  15. Thanks for all of the recommendations. I forgot about Betsy-Tacy and how much she loved that one. I see there are a bunch in the series, so I'm getting those. We've read almost all the Beverly cleary books, and she loves them. Haven't done Ellen robbers yet, so I'll check that out. She really liked the catwings books, and I forgot about clementine and ivy and bean. I'll definitely get some of those. She loves Laura ingles wilder, too. Thank you!!!!
  16. Hi All-- I have a VERY reluctant 5 year old who loves math and being read to ONLY, as far as "school" goes. This is fine, but I'd like suggestions of books to read with her? I have a newborn, and she's the one taking it hardest. We really connect reading together. I need girly suggestions that are funny and sweet. Ramona-ish :) Thanks so much!!
  17. Oh, lord, yes. Every morning. Copy work. During Spalding he can spell like a dream and his handwriting is beautiful. I bust out WWE, and he falls apart. Today, god help me, he had to write "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious". I thought his brain would explode. He insisted on thinking of a word for every letter, so that as he stared from "s" to his paper, he would remember what to write. That word alone took him 20 minutes. Mostly comprised of not remembering the word he'd thought of to remember one of the letters when he would look back to the paper.
  18. Here is another thing to consider: A LOT of these groups that are set up (IMHO) are very selective with families that come in. Sometimes, families are a good fit and, no matter the age of the children, are welcomed. Sometimes, for whatever reason, members think that a family is NOT a good fit and they are not asked to join. I'm only speaking from my own experience. This is not to say that every group is like that. I know here in Portland we have lots of huge groups that are very inclusive and everyone and anyone can go to a park day. The smaller group I belong to, (45 families), does have expectations of it's members, and therefore, if members do not meet expectations, they are no longer part of the group. Expectations are pretty simple: as a mom, you have to set up one activity every 6 months, and the other expectation is that you have to get along with the group at large. No flame out emails, being polite when we all hang out, etc. I'm not suggesting that any of these "new moms" are not a good fit, I'm only 2 years into homeschooling myself, but I definitely know that sometimes it's hard to get your foot in the door with some of these groups. Just consider that also these groups can be very important for moms, as you well know, and can get cliquish.
  19. IT sounds to me like our daughter was having a bad day. Maybe the combination of frustration and her teacher being impatient was just a little too much for her that day. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't think I would switch my kid from a teacher they seem to be learning a lot from just because the teacher sometimes gets impatient. If it becomes something that keeps getting more intense, I would remove my child from the situation, of course, but I expect my kids will sometimes have people annoyed with them. Do you sit in her lessons? I would try doing that, if possible, to listen to what's going on. I don't know your daughter, but I doubt it's as bad as all that if she is asking to go back to the teacher. ETA: Only you know your daughter, of course. I would definitely let her weigh in on this one, though.
  20. I agree with everyone that I just use my research powers. As they grow, I will be putting them in CC classes online for things that need to be a little more intensive that I don't feel comfortable with. But then again, my confidence grows with my knowledge and theirs, so who knows? Down the line I may feel comfortable with more than I think I will.
  21. Yes, but what they don't know won't hurt them :) They are missing out on far more negative stuff then positive. And the way homeschool is growing, there will be proms, dances, etc etc for our kids, too.
  22. Our homeschool group is for school aged children aged 6-10, with younger siblings welcome. The reason we ask that the families have at least one child in the 6-10 age group is that our activities are geared toward them. Pure and simple. We have PLENTY of little siblings running around, and they are great. BUT to add more without an older sibling would be even more disruptive. The mom's are also asked to plan at least one outing every 6 months, and to ask a mom with only littles to plan something our older kids are interested in would be unfair, (we think). In our group, we have tried to lower the age requirements, and those families with only little children aren't active. Sure, they come to the park once in a while, but they don't come to Lego Engineering, Book Group, Knife Sharpening, (three things that happened this week). Because why would they? Play groups are more than enough for littles, I thought. And really, slowing down and drinking in the time with your little kids is not a bad piece of advice. I try to do playgroups with my little girls that are separate from their brother's group. I know how busy I am with just my oldest being school age, I don't want my littles to miss out on play with peers!
  23. OMG those are so darn cute! Could they be chalk board painted so I could right dates/names/subjects whatever on them?
  24. He's allowed screen time only on Saturdays. Only for three hours, and only if he completes all of his work everyday, gets 100% on his Friday spelling test, and practices piano 15 mins a day. It works.
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