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Latin and word roots - redundant?


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I don't think it's redundant - I think it's repetition, in a different context, which for my dd seems to really help a concept gell and be retained. I'm finding that for both grammar & vocab this is critical. The fact that she sees the same grammatical concepts in Latin, Grammar, and now in Writing with MCT is great. I'm seeing the same thing with MCT-style vocab & latin, the overlap makes learning both easier, and it really helps with retention.


I also find it the best way to evaluate whether she has actually learned something. I don't consider something learned until it can be reproduced and/or used in a different context from the original learning context. So if I teach predicate nominatives in grammar, and she seems to do fine with them in grammar exercises, but then when we get to PN in Latin she has no idea what they are - well, then, she hasn't learned them, so back to the drawing board.


Well, that's my 2 cents, but as you can see from my sig, I am a believer in teaching each subject in multiple ways, with different materials, each for its own purpose - this really seems to work for my kid.

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