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Help with Filling a Gap


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So, I've been using 100EZ to teach a 3.5yo to read and we are both enjoying the journey, however, 100EZ is due back at the library next week and I'd like to come up with some plan to fill in the time until we can get the book again. We should be able to complete lesson 20 before the book goes back.


My student really loves 100 EZ and 'board phonics' (phonics done on the white board) so in 3.5 weeks I'm going to at least offer to return him to the reading program, though I don't know if he will want to finish it. (You know how fickle toddlers are.)


We've not had a lot of luck with rhyming so we're going to work on that and saying words fast vs slowly, using books and games. I'm going to begin reading to him more during our time together. Also, he sometimes needs my help with blending, even though 100EZ is awesome with blending.


But does anyone have any ideas on how to fill a 3.5 week gap between lesson 20 of 100EZ and getting the book back from the library?


I also have OPGTR on loan from the library until Mar 3. I'm going to begin using that (material from Sections 1-4) because he likes doing phonics on the whiteboard. But what else should we do? I get the feeling we'll finish most of the material from the first 4 sections of OPGTR in that time frame.



I have The Reading Lesson, we may just switch to using TRL as our primary program but I think that he prefers 100EZ because of the fewer words (he ignores the script. Sometimes so do I.)


I have Funnix level 1 and 2 (thanks free download!) but I don't like the computer for reading with toddlers (or anyone really) but am willing to use it as a supplement, because it continues the 100EZ scheme of teaching...what to do, what to do?


I don't wan't him to lose his interest/ability in the 3.5 weeks until we can get the 100EZ book back, and I don't want to buy the book in case his reading fad ends because I have a bunch of phonics supplements and books and games, but I like the way he's been learning with the 100 EZ book, and most books don't teach that way...

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Does your library system have more than one copy? Sometimes, I've been able to return one copy, but check out another at the same time.


Unfortunately no and I wasn't able to renew the book because some one else has a hold on it. :(.


I'm thinking I can tweak OPTGR a bit to make it like 100EZ and maybe use Funnix until we can get the book back. But I don't know...we've been working slowly but steadily on the book over the last 18days or so and we're almost on lesson 20. He's still interested in phonics and I don't want his interest to wane, nor do I wan't him to grow frustrated if he forgets too much waiting to get the book back...

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