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Man, this is tough

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Homeschooling my kids, that is. I didn't think it would be a walk in the park, but each one goes through his/her own mood swing every 10 minutes. If it isn't one kid's behavior, it's the other one's attitude. The grumpiness, huffs and puffs, and impatience are just about making me crack.


Thing is, I think I'd probably have to deal with some of that even if they were in a public school just because of their ages. I'm just dealing with it more often and during school time which is something I feel strongly about.


At the end of the day I'm always glad I'm homeschooling. I hope to do it for a while, as long as it's working out for both me and the child, but some days I wonder if it really matters and why not just send them away. We take breaks. We stay home a lot, but the play for a couple of hours everyday. They just get into bratty moods during school. :(


Anything I can do?

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The grumpiness, huffs and puffs, and impatience are just about making me crack.



Anything I can do?


I nip this in the bud. I make it clear we have a goal and a task, and we WILL do it, and whining and dragging feet make for a meaner mom (assigns more work) and a longer lesson. I tell him if he has time to grump and chuck down his pencil, he just must have too much free time. Stick to your guns and twice should do it. Now I have to give one warning. I have found once he lays the grumpy coat down, he is smiling in a few minutes and saying "I get it!"


A couple of times a year I really lay it on the line. He does not want to go to ps, and I tell him if he cannot learn from me he will have to. (I actually tell him I'm legally required to make sure he learns enough to be an independent adult.)


It has improved greatly, and kiddo has now THANKFULLY reached an age when he can tell me, "I could concentrate better if you/we did X" or "Y makes me confused."


This is what works for us. I'm :bigear: on other ideas.

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Good suggestion. What kind of extra work do you give when the problem is that the child will not get to work!


Here is my carrot: when work is done, you get to go do physical exercise or I read aloud to you. Kiddo loves to go out and DO things with Papa, and he likes being read aloud to. I think he once declined either, as a power-play. I told him I could be huffy and puffy and foot-draggy with all the things I did, too. He quickly saw I did a LOT of things for him. Keep Mama happy, and you'll be happier.

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