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Do you read Mother Earth News? Question.

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We subscribe to MEN, and I saw the ad. We've never been to a Fair. The PA Fair looks great, but be forewarned that I think they had a larger-than-expected turnout last year. I heard it was crowded. They plan to do some things to alleviate the congestion for this year's Fair, but I don't know what. You could contact them to try to find out, or poke around on the MEN site. It's pretty active.


I've met Joel Salatin. He's just like he comes across in his books - very memorable and informative. I'd love to meet Temple Grandin.


Best wishes in your homestead plans. Enjoy it while it's still in your head and perfect, just like my garden in February. :)



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Mother Earth News is one of DH and I go to sites! We also have dreams of a homestead. I have not heard about their fair before- where in PA is it?


It's a big state. :bigear:


Oh wow, Seven Springs, PA. That's three hours from me. Ho hum.

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Found fair!
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