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Anyone have a timeline/checklist for selling a house and moving (or a link for one)?

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Thank you. Good list!


Check out militaryonesource.com They should have some lists on there.


Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed by the moving resources there. The Homefront site it sent me too couldn't handle the fact that we're moving somewhere without an actual base. It didn't want to help me at all after that. :lol:


Off to search the archives here...

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Lol I understand that. Are you selling a house or looking to buy? That changes the time table a lot. I recommend getting your "move counseling" done asap so you can have a choice of dates.


We're selling here and renting there. I have a set period of time in my mind to allow for the house to sell. If it happens quickly, we'll be grateful and put our stuff in storage for a while. If it doesn't happen fast enough, we'll rent the house out. We've got the RFO, waiting for orders. I'm thinking an appointment needs to be made soon.

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You can do the appointment online I believe. Our last move (this past summer) was such a blur because dh was out to sea until like the 1.5 month before moved. He got back and did the appointment for the move and then we left to come here and house hunt. We got back and two days later we left to drive from WA to SC. I don't remember much.

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