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Given up on planning and am just settling

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Ds officially started 9th grade at the beginning of 2012 because I held him in 8th for a few extra months. He hasn't actually started working on anything yet because I couldn't figure out what to do for sequence/curricula/transcripts. I have done so much research for high school that my head is spinning. On top of that, I have a new baby and a preschooler who wants to "do school" too. I can't even imagine how those with more children work it out - I am in awe with admiration.


Yesterday, I finally decided to go with Oak Meadow's English, Science, and Social Studies all the way through to graduation. Since we school year around and OM plans 36 weeks of lessons per course, it should take him about 3 years. He should graduate just before his 18th birthday.


That should be okay on a transcript, right? And OM is a good, solid high school program, right?


For Math, he's going to do TT's sequence, starting at Algebra I.

I'm still lost on what to do for a foreign language.


This should be okay and I don't need to second-guess myself (again), right?

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I don't see anything wrong with the plan.


On the foreign language, the first step is to pick a language. You can't decide how he will study it until you know what "it" will be. Does he have an interest? I tried to get both of my kids to study Spanish as the most practical foreign language. They both did for one year and then really wanted to follow their own paths not mine :glare:. That leaves me with the advice, listen to your ds so he can get committed to the plan. Then once you have your language selected, you can begin looking for resources.


Oh, and don't second guess yourself anymore. It will be fine!

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