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Need a 6 week long math "unit" for the end of the year


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I finished planning out the next quarter of school only to realize that both of my dds are going to finish their math books (BJU 1 and 3) with at least 6 weeks of school left before the end of the year.

I am pretty sure that I will go ahead and start the 1st grader on BJU 2nd grade a few days a week while using the other days of the week to do extra addition/subtraction drill.

But, since my 2nd grader is already pretty far ahead with finishing the 3rd grade book this year I am hesitant about starting her in 4th grade for the last of our year. I am thinking about spending the last weeks of school doing something different during math time, but keep it math related. I know she could use some extra drill on her multiplication facts. I'd also like to do some fun things that would also maintain other math skills. Also maybe extra word problems or even extra logic.

Anyone have anything to recommend? Favorite fun math? Favorite drill, word problem, etc book? What would you do?


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Thanks for all the suggestions so far!

I saw the BJU review books, but I'd like to do something different. A lot of the review book would be wasted, so I don't want to spend my $ on that. But, this suggestion made me remember to pull out the TM cd from the BJU level. It has more than enough math facts sheets to last 6 weeks. I'll print out and give her one a day to take care of some fact review.

Past that, I'm not opposed to fun/games, but would mostly like workbook/book based learning so that the rest of the children don't revolt during math time! A game or fun learning activity that all of us can do together would be good though.

The Critical Thinking Co. and Singapore word problems sould like great options. I will be looking at those to see what levels and books to get.

I haven't looked at LOF in awhile, but last time I checked the new elementary series was well below her math ability while the old books were too far ahead.

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