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Anyone up for some Kafkatime???

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So I've been reading Franz Kafka to my daughter and we're almost done with a book of 15 of his most well known stories and I decided to end it up with an exercise that we could do as a family. I told my husband and daughter that we should all write our own short story in Kafka style and then read them to each other. I thought it would a fun exercise and that we would have some laughs as well, but I thought of this group of ladies (and gents) here too and wanted to extend the invitation here as well. I know there are several writers on these boards and I thought it would make for some pretty fascinating reading. Anyway I wanted to put it out there. If enough people are interested, I guess I'll just start a special group thingy for it. I figured it could be a lot of fun to write and also to read.


Anyone game??

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I am totally unable to write something Kafka-esque. I'm not sure where to begin....


Please post yours....I would love to read it.


Oh I haven't written mine yet. I just came up with the idea yesterday. lol I just thought I'd throw the idea out there to the boards as well and see if anyone else would be interested in participating. I have 4 ideas already for different stories and will probably write them all. My dd said she's going to steal my 4th idea for her story though so I probably won't write that one if hers is along the same lines that I was planning on going with it. I have a busy weekend this weekend, but I'm going to try to find some time to flesh the stories out if I can and will post them up. That is if enough people are interested in the exercise to warrant a thread/social group about it. :)


Just a thought, maybe you could keep paper and pen next to your bedside and write down your dreams when you wake up. Maybe you could get some Kafkaesque story ideas from a weird dream. :)


I hope that people will participate. It seems fun to me (but I'm weird like that lol) and I'd love to see what creative stories people come up with. :)

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The last weird dream I had was about zombies eating plastic and fending off the zombies by feeding them old VCR tapes. I try not to remember my dreams.


Not good kafka-material, I think. You need more existential dreams for that to work.


hehehehehe Yeah, I guess so. Maybe you'll have one.

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I live in an Eastern European bureaucracy and have lived in similar countries before. I think I can do this :D... probably from my own experience.


AWESOME!! lol The rules are simple. Just write a story (any length, any topic) in the style of Franz Kafka. That's it. When you're done just post it up. I guess I'll just make it a social group so that it will be easier to find?? I really wanted to see what kind of response to the idea I got before I decided if it warranted a group, since a lot of times things are great ideas only in my mind it seems. hehehe


Oh I'm so excited you're participating! Can't wait to read your story! :)

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I would start something if I wasn't so disconcerted about having awoken this morning and finding I've turned into a bug :D




ROFL!! Oh I hope you do post something Bill, I know a dog who believes you have all the answers! ;) :D


I'll bet your story would be awesome! In spite of having to type it out with little legs! ;) :D

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