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Has Anyone Used McRuffy Press Science or LA?


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It depends on what you want. I used part of Kinder LA and Math and dropped it in favor of Memoria Press (I don't do latin, though) because I felt there was a lack of logic/flow to the curriculum. It skipped around a great deal and felt choppy. It is very public school based. I felt looking at higher levels that writing was not taught clearly. Basically, it did not fit what I want for my kids.

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I am using 1st grade LA and math. Math is great- my daughter is doing amazing with it and she loves it. As far as the LA, I have mixed feelings- overall it includes all the components of LA (make sure to order handwriting, it's not included in the package). I'll try to explain, but my daughter went to public school last year and so transitioning into this program was not easy- I've actually done my own reading program together for the first couple of months because of course the program assumes the student did the Kindergarten program which introduced more phonics skills than her school did. So, it moved too fast.


I do see they have a 'transition' program now and it's the latter half of their Kindergarten program which would have been better for my daughter. It is also very workbookish, which is okay my daughter likes that but some of the activities early on were over her head- like suffixes, etc. So I choose only specific ones and so we only use maybe half of the workbooks. She is really enjoying the stories too.


I guess you only know your child but if you look carefully at the samples in the teacher book I think it shows what the child should know before doing the program so that may help determine; if you do order I would just recommend that your child is secure in those skills first.:001_smile:

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