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  1. I tried Miquon, Math Mammoth, Singapore, Mathabacus with my (then) 5 year old. He did very well with all of them, preferring Singapore. I've no complaints about any, they are each good in their own (Miquon was a bit confusing to me, hard to get a feel for a rhythm to the program). Now we are doing Right Start. My little boy is a visual/tactile learner. Right Start is by far the best fit for us. He loves the games. The thing I like best about the Right Start is it begins teaching from a base of 5, the reason being we associate everything in groupings of 5 (because of our fingers). From the beginning it begins to prepare the student for & develop mental math. All the materials seem intimidating at first, but the lessons are sweet and simple, not a lot of prep work at all. Love Right Start!!
  2. I taught my little boy to read last year using Word Mastery (http://donpotter.net/PDF/Word%20Mastery%20-%20Typed.pdf), it's a free download, no frills, cut & dry guide to teaching phonics. Then I found the Writing Road to Reading (http://www.spalding.org/). It is based on phonograms (letters/groups of letters making up one sound). It's an AIO, maybe too comprehensive for what you're looking for, but you can use the phonics separately, maybe 20 minutes a day. It offers the phonogram cards, readers, etc.
  3. I am considering enrolling my 1st grader in the K12.com online public school. My friend used it last year & I like most of the curriculum they use (...& the fact that it's free ;). But I want to use my own Math (Right Start Math), some of my science (Real Science 4 Kids) and possibly Language Arts (Spalding Writing Road to Reading). I've looked into ordering some of their courses, but it will be costly. I love their history & the art that corresponds with it. My question is 2 part. Regarding LA: Which is better K12 or WRTR? *Note, my little boy is reading on a 2nd grade level, but lacks grammar/spelling which makes finding any AIO LA program harder. I wish I had found the WRTR when teaching him to read last year, but now I am more in the need of grammar/spelling. Regarding K12 and my personal curricula: Are they assessed or tested at the end of the year (for 1st grade)? Is it possible to use my own curricula in some subjects in place of theirs? Mainly the math.
  4. I was almost set on LLAT, but some of the reviews are saying it is on the light side, too young for the grade level & there was a mention of a learning gap between levels 1 & 2? I would like to hear from people who have used this program before I order it. (I am not concerned about the phonics portion, my son is reading by sound already & I plan on supplementing that area). I mainly want something that covers comprehension, story development (main character, main idea, etc), grammar basics such as plural nouns, compounds, contractions, etc. I am new to homeschooling & I want an all in one program LA program because I don't want to piece things together.
  5. Looking for a comprehensive all in one LA program for 1st grade. I would prefer secular or light on the religious content. Any suggestions?
  6. You could make Green Eggs & Ham (use spinach or food coloring) & other silly foods. Put on a play. Have an "opposites" day.
  7. I am considering McRuffy Press Science & Language Arts for 1st grade. Has anyone used this? Overall is it a good, comprehensive curriculum for each subject or is there better?
  8. We are currently using Real Science 4 Kids (the pre-level in each subject). It does fit us & we like it, but I need either a new curriculum or a supplement. It does not cover the areas of measurement (volume, mass, etc), animals (habitat, mammals/reptiles/fish/etc., food, etc.), weather, etc. I am looking for either (secular) unit studies I can buy to supplement in these areas, or I need a better (secular, more comprehensive) curriculum. Please advise :)! I considering McRuffy Science, has anyone used this? Would you say yay or nay?
  9. What is TM/HIG? (New to the homeschool thing & message boards). The text/workbooks I've found are at http://globaledresources.com/products.html, they are in English & go from grades 1-6.
  10. Has anyone done the Japanese Math? How does it compare against Math Mammoth? We are currently doing MM, my little boy is doing fine with it. I've also ordered the Mathematics with the Abacus. But I'm very interested in this Japanese Math (it seems similar to the MM from the sample pages). Will it go along better the with Abacus math? I don't want to buy the material though if I'm getting the same thing with MM. Advise please :).
  11. I've just started homeschooling my little boy (5 y/o, kinder). I ordered the Story of the World with Activity book, but in reading it with him, I think it's a bit too old. He needs something with more illustrations and (...pirates...dinosaurs...guns and cannons oh my :). Is there a curriculum or any resources that offers a light introduction into history for this age/level? If not, what would be a good starting point? Maybe just picking up some archeology books, digging in the dirt? ;)
  12. http://www.mathabacus.com/free.html these are free downloads from the "learning mathematics from the abacus" program. (i am in the process of searching for activities/lessons also :)
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